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If the game is too large for your computer, then zoom out in your browser!nHow to zoom out in Internet Explorer:nPress CTRL + PLUS SIGN (+) to zoom in, or CTRL + HYPHEN (-) to zoom out. You can also use your mouse wheel instead of + and -.nSound/Quality: Press the ‘Menu’ button or the ‘P’ key on the upper left side of the screen while in the game (playing a level, not on the main map).nAll settings can be found there.nScroll: Left/Right keys or MousenChoose lane: Up/Down keys or MousenSelect ship type in build menu (top left): nQ/W keys nor hotkey displayed on ship iconnor click on ship iconnBuild selected ship on chosen lane: nSpacenor clicknRelease Mothership specials in specials menu (top right): nNumber keys displayed on special icons nor click on the specials icon on the top rightnTake time to figure out which controls work best for you. Some prefer playing with mouse and keyboard while others use only keyboard. You can disable the mouse controls in the ingame menu is you don’t want to use them.nIMPORTANT: If the game runs slowly, decrease the quality in the ingame menu. nIf you have a fast computer turn on the ‘Trails’ in the ingame menu to get awesome graphics.nIf you think the game is too easy try the hard mode.n

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SPACECRAFT is a cool space defense game, free to play. You must defend your mothership from lots of enemies spacecrafts, while you try to destroy the enemy Base. You can create up to 21 flyers and 3 different races… An addicting strategy-defense tower game on your browser… full free 😉


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