Fred’s Pick Up Tour 3


Fred’s Pick Up Tour 3 Fred’s Pick Up Tour 3 Fred is back and more angry than ever! Take Fred’s invincible truck and terrorize the peds, destroy the map, and launch some sheep. WASD or Arrow Keys to drive, Shift for hand brake, and space bar to use power ups! Try to get the best score on your favorite track/minigame.

The Sound Walk

the sound walk

THE SOUND WALK. Find your way to redemption by keeping the rhythm through your darkest journey. You need to step in time to the music to beat this game. Bring your finest sense of rhythm to survive the Sound Walk. Follow the ingame tutorial for more.

Castle Escape


CASTLE ESCAPE. Five great zones to test your skills at. You need to use get all the blocks to there corresponding exit points, sounds easy. Select the coloured blocks with the mouse and use the arrow keys to move the active block around.

Mechanical Commando 2


MECHANICAL COMMANDO 2After centuries of well maintained peace, the federation is under attack by a mysterious enemy. WASD or Arrows to move Space for shoulder weapon Mouse to aim and Fire

Last Command

last platoon

LAST COMMAND. Alien invasion has begun! You control the last platoon of soldiers that have survived the onslaught! Protect your bases! Once all the bases are destroyed the aliens will control everything! 5 stages, 10 waves each stage, and a big bad alien boss at the end of each stage! Last Platoon is controlled by mouse. Click on one of the game icons at the bottom of the screen to pickup that item (if you have enough gold to buy it). To purchase that item click once again on the game background to place that item on the ground on the left side. If you change your mind and do not want to purchase the item you have picked up you can click the game…

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Monkey GO Happy Adventure


MONKEY GO HAPPY ADVENTURE. An Evil king has locked the mini monkeys toys in the castle. Get them back and save the day in this Monkey GO Happy Adventure! Click on the screen to interact with objects and characters. Drag items to specific spots to solve puzzles! Complete the game quickly for a better ranking. Please make the Monkey GO Happy!

Dragon vs Knight


DRAGON VS KNIGHT. Help the young Knight escape the Ferocious Dragon! Use UP arrow to make the horse jump over obstacles & gaps. Collect gems & medicine. Collect the golden Key to open locked doors ahead.

Where Is My Key?


WHERE IS MY KEY? Short yet hard platform game. You are Zeddicuss, the wizard who travels around Lands of the Lost Keys. One night he had a nightmare, where his archenemy, Darken, stole his Key. But this wasn’t a dream. His key was really stolen, so Zeddicuss starts his jurney to get back his key… WILL HE MAKE IT? Arrows – Move Z – Jump/Double Jump

marine life picture matching

marine life picture matching_v3

MARINE LIFE PICTURE MATCHING. is a funny easy game, more marine life in the sea, this game use cartoon pictures,you can pick up the same objects. match it. have a good day. Clicks the same pattern box, if successful ,it create a line between them.the connection line can be folded up to 2 times. Tools can help you, one is tip sign,another is add-time,the last is shuffle all boxes. time and lifes both Important. you can buy other lifes buy click the red heart. A total of 16 levels,do you best win this game.

Neverending Chevalier


NEVERENDING CHEVALIER. This game puts you in the shoes of a brave knight and his trusty steed. Faced with an intriguing, everchanging tower, there’s no option but to climb it up all the way to the top. Harsh weather, strange creatures and uncooperative floor tiles will be encountered. Glory will be acquired in the convenient form of coins and trinkets. Your name will be inserted in legends. In a nutshell: Reach the top of the tower. Grab as many coins and trinkets as possible on your way up. Don’t fall down. And submit your best score/time/loot to the leaderboards! SCORING RULES ========================================= – Coins are worth (1 x multiplier) – Trinkets are worth (10 x multiplier), and raise said multiplier by 1 – Losing a…

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Smash and Dash


SMASH AND DASH. The ultimate in driving madness. Race from the treacherous and dense Amazon Jungle to the steaming hot Magma Chambers of doom, overcome pools of slime while racing to beat the clock – all from the comfort of your air-conditioned Retro-cruiser – another great game bought to you by the team at DinoSawUs Up and down to speed up / slow down. Press Spacebar to fire your Gunge Blaster and Shift to Boost. Beat the levels and unlock new upgrades.

The Maze Adventure 2


THE MAZE ADVENTURE 2. A new Maze Adventure begins! You can choose from 80 unique levels or play them per pack of 20 levels. The UFO’s and mines are harder, the detonators are better, the boosts are faster and the levels are longer than ever before. Use the arrow keys to move in all directions. You can press two keys to go diagonal. Use the spacebar to use your active boost.



TOXERS. Metropolis Isle has been invaded by radioactive mutant bugs after an explosion in an ice cream factory! As one of the few survivors you must fight your way through hordes of bugs to face a final showdown with Bugzilla and escape the island. Luckily you’re not alone and you can locate other survivors to help you in your fight for survival. Big Al, an enterprising individual, has even set up a shop where you can find all the supplies you’ll need to make it through the city. Increase your firepower, stock up on grenades and even buy useful tools that might just keep you alive that little bit longer. Pay attention to the in game tutorial messages. They will help you find your way…

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Webby 3

webby 3

WEBBY 3. Webby returns in his biggest adventure yet! Play as 1 of 4 unlockable characters in the re-vamped Arcade mode and set a highscore or try the new Story mode and travel through Webby’s storyline, meeting new characters and enemies along the way. Arrow Keys or AWSD to move Collect Flies Avoid Enemies

Red Storm Defense


RED STORM DEFENSE. It’s time to protect our gains from Soviet AI! Take control over one of for special mechs during on 15 missions and protect a rare power cores from innumerable waves of enemies. Build towers, upgrade them to gain new abilities and learn skills to improve your defense. No one enemy must survive in this battle! WASD/Arrow – move hero, Mouse – building and moving.



MOLECULES. The object of the game is to assemble molecules from compound atoms by moving the atoms on a two-dimensional playfield Molecules is a clone of the original Atomix game but holds some additional information and different molecules! Create the required molecules by moving your mouse over an atom. Then click one of the arrows to push the atom into a certain direction.

Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2


RAGDOLL LASER DODGE 2. Ragdoll Laser Dodge is back! Use your ragdoll skills to dodge the lasers and collect powerups to achieve a maximum highscore! On your way to greatness unlock 10 of the 12 playable characters each with their own special ability to help you increase your score and rank. Earn all 60 achievements to become the Ragdoll Laser Dodge Master! Use the mouse or the arrow keys to control your ragdoll. Dodge the lasers for as long as you can. “SPACE” pauses game.

Space Football

space football

SPACE FOOTBALL. Play the sport of the future where the goalkeeper is the target instead of the goal. Try to hit him with your football cannon with as few shots as possible. Enjoy and Share your score on Facebook. πŸ™‚ Use the mouse to point and click where to shoot the ball. The further the mouse is the more the player kicks. You can shoot multiple balls.

BlastOff Bunnies


BLASTOFF BUNNIES. Blast as many bunnies into deep space as you can! Collect money, buy upgrades and shoot your bunnies up into the air! Try to collect all achievements! Click a bunny to shoot it up, click it again to shoot it further. Collect money and buy upgrades to get higher!

Solar Run


SOLAR RUN. Race through the solar system and compete with the world to see who is the fastest. WASD or Arrow Keys to move. Aim your rocket with the mouse and click to launch. Try to get to the goal as fast as possible while collecting stars for bonus points. Upgrade your character and visit previous levels to dominate the competition.

SkyFyre II


SKYFYRE II. Blast your way against a horde of monsters! Move and fire the dragon fighter using your mouse and watch the monster enemies explode. Can you unlock areas to penetrate the monster kingdom and defeat the Monster King? Play and prove it! Rynn is back and ready to take retaliation to the monster kingdom! This is a sequel of SkyFyre, semi danmaku side scroll shooting game, with: more classes, more monsters, more stages, more FUN! Guide your dragon fighter using your mouse. Dragons hitbox is a very small area on the tip of the weapon. Cast special attack for instant counter attack. Build up spirit and activate spirit mode to unleash unique abilities!



WARLANDS. Create a kingdom, raise your own army, battle against other kingdoms and dominate the medieval world. The game can take a bit to show its preloader due to it’s size (since the game has 10MB) just be patient and wait a bit ^^. Game features: * Fully customizable kingdom creadion – Choose skin color – Kingdom flag color – Kingdom Name – King Name – Units Height – Units Weight * 3 maps * Up to 14 enemies at the same time * Town and castles upgrades * Weapom, armor and stables stores in towns and castles * Fully customizable skills, equipment and stats of the kingdom units * 8 Spells to use in battle * 27 Diferent skills * 130 Armors * 59…

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Space Fortress


Space Fortress You’re the commander of a mercenary group on a distant planet. Your mission is simple, defend your territory against 30 waves of attacks from space creatures. Purchase new weapons, hire more mercenaries, buy new perks and evolve your fortress to fulfill this task. Developed by: Vabolt – Free Games Arrow keys or W, A, S, D to move Mouse to aim and shot (Hold the mouse button to keep firing) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 to change weapons Esc to pause and open options menu Do you like Space Fortress sci-fi movies and games, full killing action too? Well, you must try to play this game then… i can assure you it will like you!

Flying Skull

flying skull

FLYING SKULL. Press mouse button to fly. Press mouse button to fly.

Talo and the spirit


TALO AND THE SPIRIT. Story : Gajah Tunga is a patih in the kingdom. His destiny has been written in madoma book and everyone has known it. He won’t eat Talo unless he has dominated all nusantara. Description : This is a real time strategy game. You’re sending army and supporting by archery. There are 5 stage which each stage has different 3 mode and that means there are 15 stage you can finish. Your kingdom is attacked so you have to defend it but you also have to fight back. Maybe you send army in all lane and get the victory or you defend in early with tower to deposit your gold and fight back when it is enough. Something like that. Feature :…

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Floppy Zombie


FLOPPY ZOMBIE. Play this ultimate challenge of the year and discover your flappy skills before it is too late. Stay focused and enjoy a zombie game in high definition and brand new graphics. We all know how hard is to play a floppy bird game, so multiple that with every number you want and get ready for the action of this cool game. The competition is even more addicting since you are able to see the highest score and your position in the best top. Expand your reflexes and brain abilities. Use the mouse to play this game.

Flappy Killer


FLAPPY KILLER. Recently, Flappy have a big fan base, but also quite a lot of people who hate Flappy Bird. If you hate Flappy, this game is perfect for you. Yoypo want to kill all Flappy but it is coming from all sides and steadily increasing the number. You kill Flappy in a row, you win the +1 extra point and these point add on your score. Yoypo move by “W A S D” keys . Indicate the direction of the shot with mouse and you can shoot with the mouse left button. Endless bullet. You can shoot with your gun as you want but you hit Flappy in a row win the +1 extra point and these point add on your score.

Fluffy Bird


FLUFFY BIRD. Enter the amazingly fun challenge of the Fluffy Bird and help him fly away to the sunny lands. This wacky creature is super clumsy and you need to help him reach he’s destinations as soon as possible. Make sure you avoid all the obstacles in order to keep him safe and sound make the highest score. become the ultimate Fluffy Bird β€œpilot” and challenge your friends to see who has the best concentration and technique, in this funny adventure. Flap your way into having a blast! Click the mouse or use the space key in order to help the bird fly

Crayon Shin-chan Fishing


CRAYON SHIN-CHAN FISHING. In the holiday island, suddenly found the lunch basket to lose but hungry badly, no way, their fishing. Mouse control of the direction of the boat Press the left button on the line, release the left mouse button up. Don’t catch a garbage.

Flappy Kaakka


Flappy kakka Flap hard and go mad to be in air “kraa kraa” Flappy kakka Flap hard and go mad to be in air “kraa kraa”

Grumpy Beaks


GRUMPY BEAKS. If you like Flappy Bird you will like Grumpy Beaks. If you hate Flappy Bird you will love Grumpy Beaks. That is the fact! If you like Flappy Bird you will like Grumpy Beaks. If you hate Flappy Bird you will love Grumpy Beaks. That is the fact! Let the Grumpy Birds fly, just hit your left mouse Button to flap.

Freedom Tower 2


FREEDOM TOWER 2. Second installment of Freedom Tower – The Invasion with 6 new worlds, different weapons, allied troops, powerful bosses and much more. Our planet faces danger once more. Human military forces have come back. During the past 100 years they have studied our technology and now they are as strong as us. Fight through 6 different worlds, command allied troops armed with powerful lasers and destructive rays, upgrade your weapons, unlock electric mines and homing missiles and destroy everything in your path. New enemies, new weapons, 4 new bosses and more additions that make Freedom Tower 2 an incredible epic battle to defend our homeworld. – Aim/Shoot: Mouse. – P: Pause.

Sniper Shoot


SNIPER SHOOT. Hello shooting games fans. Get ready for action. In this game you are a special solder of your country and you have to save your country because some terrorists are coming for attack. Let’s show your power and shooting skill and stop them, shoot all the terrorists to save your lead for people. Good luck and Have fun! Use mouse to shoot. Space bar for Sniper.

Cosplay Girls 8 Memory


COSPLAY GIRLS 8 MEMORY. Memory card game with hot cosplay girls.

Cosplay Girls 9 Memory


COSPLAY GIRLS 9 MEMORY. Memory card game with hot cosplay girls.

Cosplay Girls 10 Memory


COSPLAY GIRLS 10 MEMORY. Memory card game with hot cosplay girls.

Cosplay Girls 11 Memory


COSPLAY GIRLS 11 MEMORY. Memory card game with hot cosplay girls.

Cosplay Girls 4 Memory


COSPLAY GIRLS 4 MEMORY. Connect pairs of these hot cosplay girls. The faster you finish more points you get.

Heavy Legion


HEAVY LEGION. Take a heavy tank and go to the battlefield to test the tank abilities. Launch missiles from the cannon and kill all enemy tank units before they destroy your tank. Aim with mouse, click left mouse button to set the cannon power and release to fire. Use arrow keys to look around the level.

Military Combat 3D


MILITARY COMBAT 3D First Person Shooter with amazing graphics. Protect your base from invading enemy soldiers, adapt your playstyle during the game – learn how to move around effectively and flank your enemies. Share your highscore with the world and become the master of FPS gaming Move with arrow keys, shoot with Ctrl key. Reload with Space key

Birdy fruit


BIRDY FRUIT. Help Toge to collect fruits for the winter. Evade creatures and reach goal. Collect all the fruits to clear the level. Use UP KEY to fly



CHESTING. Ahoy! Ye want gold, aye? C’mere and get to open da chest, if ye dare. There be rough waters up ahead. Click on any object and drag to similar objects, when you drop the mouse left button

Bouncy Cat


Bouncy Cat Bounce the cat around the obstacles and get a high score!



PHYSICAR. Jump in your vehicle and drive as fast as possible. Avoid dangerous obstacles and collect coins to upgrade your car. Only the best drivers can collect all achievements and compete for top positions in Wall of Fame. AD / left, right arrows – go left / right WS / up, down arrows – tilt the car Spacebar – break

A Grey Guys Adventure


A GREY GUYS ADVENTURE. Help grey guy on his adventures in this Super Mario and Kirby inspired flash game. -use arrow keys to move -use ‘x button’ to jump

Space Flash Arena


SPACE FLASH ARENA is a space combat simulation in full 3D. Fight with AI-driven enemies, collect guns and missiles, get medals for mastering each of 6 maps! Mouse – shooting and steering; W – accelerate; S – brake; F – fire missile (when available); Shift – afterburner; A, D, C, Space – side thrusters; Q, E – axial rotation; Z – switch weapon; R – Zoom; M – radar mode; G – flash player quality setting; H – show/hide HUD.

Run Fausto Run


RUN FAUSTO RUN. Control up to 6 characters at the same time in this short fast typing game. Use your keyboard to jump or attack obstacles. Use q,w,e,r,t,y to jump and a,s,d,f,g,h to attack;

Death Lab


DEATH LAB. Take out the guards one by one and find a way to escape the lab. Mouse to aim, Mouseclick for a shot.

Railway Man


RAILWAY MAN. Control railway traffic without crashing any trains. You can stop and start the trains at the control square spots by clicking on the squares on the railway. Blue square switches the tracks for the train.

Hut Defense


HUT DEFENSE is a strategic defensive game that contains 60 levels, 18 defense units, 17 different territories and more than 150 improvements available as you progress in the game. Use mouse only.

Fist Puncher: Streets of Outrage


FIST PUNCHER: STREETS OF OUTRAGE is a beatemup set within the world of “Fist Puncher” available on Steam. Take on a street gang and their boss who has a few surprises up his sleeve! Play this mini-game for high-scores and medals, then check out the full version on Steam! Arrows = move A = Normal Attack S = Super Attack D = Jump

Parallel levels


PARALLEL LEVELS: this game is a logical platformer with unusual mechanics. You have to go through 45 levels. It’s not easy, because at the same time you need to play two or three levels. WASD or Arrow to move R – restart M – mute

Virus Wars: Beginning

virus wars beginning

VIRUS WARS: BEGINNING This laboratory is providing experiments with viruses. The viral cells are very survivable, but when they meet rival cells, they are being mutually neutralized. Here your task is to help one type of viruses win this eternal war. Mouse – attack/select

Crystal Story II


CRYSTAL STORY II is a turn-based RPG that follows the story of a young Dragon on his quest to defeat an evil witch. He must seek allies to aid him on his journey and save the world from the oncoming invasion. – Use Mouse to navigate the menus. – Arrow Keys, WASD or Mouse to move. – Shortcut Keys are present on some of the menus.

Venusian Vengeance Episode 4


VENUSIAN VENGEANCE EPISODE 4. Run ‘n’ Gun your way through communist controlled Venus in this episodic series. In the fourth episode, Sgt Jon Dagger has found a cave that will lead to the surface. WASD – Move Mouse – Aim and Shoot Space – Pause M – Mute

Cosplay Girls 7 Memory

COSPLAY GIRLS 7 MEMORY. Memory card game with hot cosplay girls.

Cosplay Girls 6 Memory


COSPLAY GIRLS 6 MEMORY. Memory card game with hot cosplay girls.

Cosplay Girls 5 Memory


COSPLAY GIRLS 5 MEMORY. Memory card game with hot cosplay girls.

Cosplay Girls 3 Memory


COSPLAY GIRLS 3 MEMORY. Connect pairs of these hot cosplay girls. The faster you finish more points you get.

Cosplay Girls 2 Memory


COSPLAY GIRLS 2 MEMORY. Connect pairs od these hot cosplay girls. The faster you finish more points you get.

Cosplay Girls Memory


COSPLAY GIRLS MEMORY. Connect pairs od these hot cosplay girls. The faster you finish more points you get.

Root Stunt


ROOT STUNT. Root stunt is a superb military stunt game. clear all levels escape from the metal rods and bricks. Don’t take too much damage or run out of time. Collect bombs to boost your score.

Glean 2

glean 2

GLEAN 2. Traverse terrestrial aquatic and aerial alien planets. Mine and scrounge for resources while fending off the local wildlife. Research and craft upgrades to delve deeper and unlock all of the logs, and continue the story of Glean. This sequel greatly expands upon the original with two new environments, dangerous alien creatures, new resources and a completely revamped research and crafting system. The game auto-saves every time you enter your ship. Arrow keys or WASD to move Double press on Up key for double jump Space or Shift – press and hold to dig Enter – teleport Space – enter ship X – close tutorial window Click the (?) icon in the top right of the game while playing, for advanced help.

Power billiards

power billiards

POWER BILLIARDS. Free billiard flash game. Enjoy the Power Billiards.shoot the color balls with white ball



BAT. Bat got in bad standing with the Gotham police department. Try to escape, while you rob the entire city.

Reds Tower Inferno


REDS TOWER INFERNO. How long can you help Red defend his tower from the blue’s? Shoot the blue baddies and don’t shoot your red comrades to get points and bonuses.

Tower Empire 2

tower empire 2

TOWER EMPIRE 2. It is war and enemies are attacking. Soon they will reach your land and the only way to stop enemy units is to place defense towers in their way. Eliminate them all, nobody should pass your defense. Build defense towers to stop the enemies. Destroy all enemy units before they reach the red flags. If they pass your defense you will loose lives. Click on a tower to see it’s stats, upgrade or sell the selected tower.

SL Zombie ShotZ


SL Zombie ShotZ. Shoot the Flying Zombies and Save Earth. Up Arrow Thrust. Left and Right Arrows Fly Spaceship. Spacebar to Shoot.

Action 2


ACTION 2. This shooter will put you at the controls of “Bradley m2/m3” to fight an alien attack. Continuation of successful Action. Destroy the enemies by shooting them with the mouse, use the missiles and watch your life and fuel.

Skate Surfers

skate surfers

SKATE SURFERS. Skate Surfers is an exciting and Free Skate game, you will be skating around whole city trying to reach the highest score! Go wild in the Skate World! The way to play is very easy! You can get the points multiplier and reach a much higher score! Turn and Run as fast as you can! Amazing sound effects! You can Post your Score to FaceBook and challenge your friends! Nice 3D Graphics! Great Graphics By Foose Games – Use left and right arrows keys to move the Skater! – Press Up Arrow to jump and press Down Arrow to Crouch! – Collect Coins, Multipliers and Magnets to increase your score! – Beware of Obstacles and Cars around the City!