Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Light Switch
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Everything is controlled with the mouse, but you can also move around with the keyboard.nYou can change the controls, quality, sounds and other stuff in the options menu.nProtip: Deleting cookies can delete your saves, so don’t do that. Chrome’s especially great at deleting your saves.nUpdated to version 1.0.7! The only difference is that I’ve changed the compression method to something older. This means the game is slightly bigger, but it might fix some compatibility problems. Most people probably won’t notice a difference though. If you do, tell me plz.n

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Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EPIC BATTLE FANTASY 4 is a great action RPG game with lots of equipment, weapons and sorceries to kill your enemies. An unforgeteable game of epic adventures in a fantasy world that you will love to play!