Castles of Talesworth

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Phase 1: Place cannons within your walls.nPhase 2: Destroy enemy boats or kingdomsnPhase 3: Place walls and surround at least one castle or tower.nRinse. Repeat.nUse WASD to scroll map.nUse “1”, “2” and “3” as hotkeys for cannons.nUse “Q” and “E” to rotate shapes in the repair phase.nPress “H” for help.nEat lots of vegetables.nStay in school.nPlay more games.n

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Castles of Talesworth
Castles of Talesworth

CASTLES OF TALESWORTH is a good multiplayer game, free to play, Rampart style. You can play against 4 enemies at the same time, or play as single  player in a campaign for your kingdom. You must place your cannons in your castle, fire against the enemy (boats and castle) and repair your walls. A really addictive gameplay!
Use WASD to scroll map.
Use “1”, “2” and “3” as hotkeys for cannons.
Use “Q” and “E” to rotate shapes in the repair phase.
Press “H” for help.