Epic War 4

Light Switch
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- left and right arrow to move camera stagen- a to select all, s to select all hero, d to select all unitsn- 1-6 hotkeys for spelln- qwertyuio hotkeys for units n- space bar to confirm units / spells placementn- p to pausen- go to option page at map to mute n- revenge waves can be found at hard and epic moden- up and down arrow keys to move the turretnif you feel the game doesnt require skill, try hard and epic mode.n

Game Details

Epic War 4
Epic War 4

Epic War 4 is a fantasy flash game you can play right now, for free, on your browser. You can battle on 12 phases, with different units on a fantasy defense game, with lots of spells and weapons. A great saga you can play for free.


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